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It’s time.

Time to assert your authority as your industry’s go-to. Time to hit revenue goals beyond your wildest imagination. Time to live life on your terms – with money, confidence, choice and freedom in abundance.


Understandably consumer psychology is the secret to sales success. People make decisions in their brain, you need to understand how your dream clients make their decisions to buy so you know exactly how to guide them through their decision making process.


Make your time count. Doing more to get yourself out there isn’t always the answer. Strategic and intentional action on the exact right steps to gaining more sales in your business, you’ll see much more money coming in with a lot less effort and time.

Permission-based Sales

No more icky sales tactics! People want to buy, they just don’t like being pushed or convinced to buy in the old-school way of selling. Learning this new approach of permission-based selling is not only going to get you more sales, but it’s 100% sleaze-free.

Here’s how to achieve consistent sales results. Without ever (ever) having to mislead, deceive or push dream clients to buy from you.

Old school sales ‘tactics’ feel aggressive and icky.

I agree. They’re based on ‘winning over’ potential clients. They dismiss informed decision-making. Which leaves you constantly struggling to communicate the value of your offer and you end up feeling like you’re always trying to convince people to buy.

But here’s the thing: that doesn’t fly in today’s modern world. Consumers are smart, aware and real people. It’s time to treat them like it. We all make decisions in our brains, it’s time to start building your sales process around how people make their decisions to buy. This is where sales and psychology unite. This is where you change the game and finally start getting the results you want.

Hi, I’m Bay!

A modern sales coach, specialist & trainer dedicated to helping you and your business achieve what you previously believed wasn’t possible.

Let’s cut to the chase. You and I both know you’re driven to create more. More impact. More growth. More freedom. And more money. 

You’re ready to play big. Shake things up. Become in high demand as the go-to business in your industry. All while making a ton of money, ethically without being pushy and effortlessly without the hustle.

That’s what you want. I know it is. But you just feel so conflicted on exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to be. 

“What’s the best way to do this? How do I get from A to B the quickest? Should I be doing things differently?”

I’m here to help.

I’ve helped thousands of business owners make more money, have more choice and experience more freedom. Now it’s your turn.

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Strategic, psychology-backed insights and sales strategies to help you get massive results without ever feeling salesy


So, I’m asking you.. do you want to make more money?

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