Reason 1 – You aren’t in front of the right audience.

You may be building an audience, but is it the right audience?

In the world of social media we now live in, it’s easier than ever to build an audience and be in front of people. But building an audience and the number of followers should never be your goal.

Who is your ideal client? You need to be in front of those people. It only matters how many of your ideal client you are in front of.  

Reason 2 – You don’t have a product/service to market fit. 

We need to price, package, designed and delivered exactly how your market wants to recieve it.

As entrepreneurs, we always come up with so many great ideas that we want to create and offer. But it’s so important not to miss the most crucial part, market research and feedback. We need to deeply understand exactly what people want and how they want it before we start creating or launching. 

This includes everything involved in the offer – the customer experience, the delivery of the product or service, the time involved, expectations, inclusions and investment. 

What do THEY want?

Reason 3 – You aren’t clear on your message to market. 

This plays a huge contributing factor into why you may not be making as many sales as you’d like in your business or why you may be getting unqualified leads (people enquiring with you who aren’t suitable for what you offer)

Is your message clear?

Is it clear who you help, how you help them, why you help them and most importantly the outcome or impact they get out of it?

By being really clear and specific, you will be seen as the go to person for what you offer.

Here’s an example of what being vague vs being specific looks like:

Life coach helping women with their confidence.

Confidence coach helping women with their confidence to step up into their power and get themselves out into the world to share their message to create the impact and change they want to create in the world.

Just like myself. I’m not a ‘Business Coach’ I specifically help my clients increase sales through gaining more clients and customers by implementing results driving strategies and high converting sales processes in their business. It’s clear that if you want more clients or customers – then I specialise in that and can help you.

Reason 4 – You aren’t spending your time on sales generating activities.

What do you spend your day doing?

There are so many things to do in your business. You have operational tasks that need to be done in order to run the business, you have delivery tasks which are client work or product creation and delivery, lead and sales generating tasks that help you gain new clients or customers and then you have the ‘I’m busy working on my business’ tasks like changing your website for the hundredth time or duplicating spreadsheets you’ve already got which don’t really create impact or more your business forward (If you know these tasks all too well then I bet you’re a culprit of spending way too much time on the ‘busy’ tasks)

When we break down the tasks you do each day, how much time are you spending on the lead and sales generating tasks? What activities are you doing that result in gaining new clients or customers in your business?

It’s simple. If you’re not spending time on sales generating activities then you simply just won’t be making sales.

Reason 5 – You just don’t have sales skills or just don’t know how to gain new clients or customers.

You might be doing ‘all the things’ you think help you gain new clients and customers – like posting on social media, doing videos, going to events, hosting events, offering freebies, doing challenges etc but feel that for the amount of work you’re putting in, you’re not gaining many clients or customers in return.

This usually just means that you simply just don’t know how to take a prospect or your audience and turn them into a paying client.

Because selling your product or service is a skill and one that you need to master as a business owner because sales is the engine of any business.

Do you have a clear strategy or sales process to turn your prospects or audience into paying clients or customers or are you just currently winging it?

Learning how to ‘sell’ without selling will be an absolute game changer for your business growth, it’s really what takes your business to that next level.


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