Sales Unleashed

The step-by-step sales framework to accelerate your sales, convert perfect high paying clients and make more money without feelinging pushy or salesy.

As an ambitious service-based business owner, you know:

Sales are the only thing that keep you in business.

Your business relies on money coming in.

So, you’re here because…

Despite being exceptional at what you do…

*You’re just not good at sales*

(I bet you’ve told yourself that more than a few times!)

I’ll even go so far as to say you’re one of the world’s best kept secrets… yet, you’re hiding away, watching competitors consistently book clients…

Because you have no idea how to get YOUR dream clients reaching out to you.

Here’s the thing: your lack of sales aren’t from lack of trying!

I know you’ve:

But even after all this time and energy…

Your enquiry and sales numbers aren’t anywhere near where you want.

Sound familiar?

You’re sitting back watching competitors… wondering: ‘why is it working for them, but not me?’

Spending 3,857+ hours a day on social media – scrolling, DMing, procrastinating


Onboarding wrong-fit clients because you *need* the money


Wasting HOURS networking and building your community (with few sales in return)

It’s so frustrating because you’re doing E-V-E-R-Y-THING everyone’s saying…

Hoping something (anything!) brings in more clients.

So you’re left wondering why:

You’re not making enough money
Your inbox isn’t exploding with enquiries
You’re not bringing in consistent revenue
You find it so hard to get people over the line and convert them into clients

You struggle to communicate the value of what you’re offering (so you’ve stopped talking about it entirely, because you feel like no one will enquire anyway, so what’s the point?)

Stop Right There:

Forget everything you’ve heard about sales

To make more money & sales you don’t need:

And I’ll let you in on a secret:


Your competitors aren’t better than you

They just have better sales skills


Your efforts to build your community aren’t all for nothing

You just don’t know how to convert your audience into clients yet

Your marketing doesn’t go down the drain

If your content is part of an overall sales process that moves potential clients closer to your offer


Your podcast features aren’t being wasted

As long as you know how to optimise these opportunities

Incoming truth bomb…

You don’t need more marketing!

Posting on socials more often, sending out more emails or whatever marketing you’re spending your time on… is NOT what will result in more money.
Here’s why:

Marketing gets attention

Think social followers, subscriber numbers, website views

Sales make you money

Turning followers and subscribers converted into high paying clients

So, what do sales look like in action?

Instead of “winging” ALL THE THINGS…

What you really need to make more money is a clear strategy

Spoiler alert: you haven’t been able to consistently sign up dream clients, confidently charge higher prices or hit that revenue goal because of one missing link. Sales skills.

So, what do sales as part of a strategy look like?


Social Posts

With sales strategies woven in


To start listeners on your sales journey


That lower resistance and objections
Sales don’t just happen on sales calls – your sales strategy should be intentionally woven into EVERYTHING you do…

Here’s what it looks like having a sales strategy vs winging it..

The outcome of this approach?

More money in less time

Because you’re no longer wasting time putting yourself out there with no return.

Instead, spend your time taking strategic steps to move your business forward!

If only you had a (non-pushy, human-centred) way to:


Attract and convert high-paying clients


Be seen as your industry’s sought-after go-to

Have an inbox filled with new enquiries

Sell more than ever before (without feeling salesy)

Know the exact steps to secure a fully booked client list

Imagine if your only role was to help dream clients make those sales decisions.

All with a clear understanding of:

Selling is learnt. Selling is a process. And most importantly…

Selling is a skill. Here’s your ticket to master it:

Welcome to the modern and proven new way to sell

It’s honest. It’s psychology-backed. It’s designed for results (without feeling pushy, shady or even salesy).


Sales Unleashed

The step-by-step sales framework to accelerate your sales, convert perfect high paying clients and make more money without sounding pushy, shady or even salesy.

Until now, this exact strategic sales process has exclusively been shared with my clients. Now it can be yours.

Sales Unleashed is unique because it uses consumer psychology and new modern sales techniques to combine:


(what to do)


(what to say)


Clear steps to action, no matter your potential client’s response (and even if they ghost you)

Follow these steps and you WILL make sales

I know this because these are the exact strategic steps thousands of my 1:1 clients use to make more money than they ever thought possible.

Now the vault’s unlocked and it’s accessible to you (without the 1:1 price tag).

You need a clear plan, backed by insight into the human mind. Here’s your way in.

Sales Unleashed is unlike any sales training you’ve seen before.


Understandably consumer psychology is the secret to sales success. People make decisions in their brain, you need to understand how your dream clients make their decisions to buy so you know exactly how to guide them through their decision making process.


Make your time count. Doing more to get yourself out there isn’t always the answer. By strategically and intentionally actioning the exact right steps to gaining more sales in your business, you’ll see much more money coming in with a lot less effort and time.

Permission-based Sales

No more icky sales tactics! People want to buy, they just don’t like being pushed or convinced to buy in the old-school way of selling. Learning this new approach of permission-based selling is not only going to get you more sales, but it’s going to be 100% sleaze-free in the process.

Want to know what kind of results you could get from joining me in Sales Unleashed?

Watch this video


You’ll master:



Sales Mindset + Psychology

Reframe your relationship with sales. Know what’s held you back and overcome your limitations to step into your role as an ethical salesperson



Your Clients Psychology & How To Sell To Them

Understand your ideal client’s psychology and how they think. All so you know exactly how to connect, communicate and sell to them in a way that converts them



Sales Messaging That Draws Your Ideal Client In

Know exactly how to communicate the value of what you’re offering to draw your ideal client in and have them reaching out wanting what you’re offering



How To Overcome Hesitations and Convert

Create easy conversations about objections and hesitations. Use my seamless and comfortable approach to overcome their concerns before they even think to bring them up



Consistent Lead + Client Attraction

Blend sales into your existing marketing platforms and optimise your efforts to have consistent leads and sales coming in on repeat without the salesy or pushy approach



High-Converting Sales Call Blueprint

Follow my step by step sales call framework so you know how to convert your enquiries into a sales and also know exactly what to say if they say ‘I will let you know’ so that you don’t lose the sale

Here’s what’s inside:

Six modules released over the first 4 weeks so you can get stuck into implementation

Lifetime access to new and updated modules

You’ll also receive:

Your own lead and sales growth tracker spreadsheet

A complete, high-converting sales call framework

A step-by-step sales blueprint checklist

Start to finish workbook


When you join today,
you’ll also get exclusive access to:


1 Hour Sales Goals, Tracking & Converting Online Workshop


Join me as I take you BTS through how I set my KPIs and sales goals each month so you can start using my exact process to track your growth!

Your investment:

Start Today

2 monthly payments of

$595 USD

including GST

Pay in Full + Save

1 payment of

$997 USD

including GST

To give you an idea of what’s possible, the beta round of Sales Unleashed students have:


Achieved 8 x their revenue just 4 months after the course


Hit (and exceeded) $10K+ revenue goals


Let go of old clients who didn’t align with them or light them up to book dream clients in their place


Raised prices by 300%


Experienced enough growth in revenue to hire their first VA (and other contracting team members)

Hi, I’m Bay!
A modern sales specialist, coach and trainer.
I’ve helped thousands of business owners make more money, have more choice and experience more freedom. All with the exact, permission-based sales process made available to you today.
Because I don’t want you to go any longer without sales skills. Because there’s money on the table that should be yours. And because you deserve to know how to secure more of it.

It’s my mission to educate you, so you know *why* your current approach doesn’t work. And *how* to make sales work for you so you can achieve what you previously believed wasn’t possible, and live life on your terms.

Here’s the knowledge (and steps to financial success) you need to stop dreaded sales self-doubt. I promise, the reason you’re not making sales now has nothing to do with you – and everything to do with your strategy.

Named a Top 10 Sales Coach by  

Here’s what’s inside:

Six modules released over the first 4 weeks so you can get stuck into implementation

Lifetime access to new and updated modules


Bonus: Sales Goals, Tracking & Converting Online Workshop

You’ll also receive:

Your own lead and sales growth tracker spreadsheet

A complete, high-converting sales call framework

A step-by-step sales blueprint checklist

Start to finish workbook

Spoiler alert:

This is the lowest price Sales Unleashed will ever be (ever).

Plus, if that’s not enough to get you excited – I’m so confident you’ll love Sales Unleashed that I’m offering you a…

Happiness Guarantee

If you don’t love Sales Unleashed after 2 weeks, you’ll receive a full refund!

You’ve scrolled all this way,
but you’re sitting on the fence…

I want you to ask yourself:

Is it your intuition keeping you on the fence?
Or is it fear?

If it’s fear – I don’t want that to hold you back.
Hitting your big goals are always on the other side of fear.

Ready to make more money
without feeling salesy?

Your investment:

Start Today

2 monthly payments of

$595 USD

including GST

Pay in Full + Save

1 payment of

$997 USD

including GST

Got a question about Sales Unleashed?

I’m making some sales, but I want to make more. Is this for me?
It’s excellent you’re making some sales. If you’re here, you want them to be more consistent. This course is your pathway to recurring sales and higher-paying clients – it’s definitely for you.
I feel like I’m already doing everything – is this going to be any different?

This is the modern business’s way to sales and yes, I promise – it’s different! You’ll understand how to decipher what your clients are thinking. You’ll know how to message your offer with a clear sales strategy, all backed by psychology.

I’m scaling by team. Will this help me?
Yes, if you‘re bringing on a team, you definitely need this. You’ll want to increase the amount of sales you’re making as well as consistently convert new leads. This is so your team is booked up too! It’s also great for them to learn how to sell so that you can rely on them to do the selling while you scale your business. Win-win!
Will I have to do uncomfortable salesy tactics?
You might feel uncomfortable because you’re growing. But there’s nothing inside that’s uncomfortable, icky or you won’t want to do. In fact, the feedback I’ve received from students is they actually really enjoy actioning their new sales strategy and skills. Who knew people actually fall in love with sales… but they do!! (You’ll see for yourself once you’re inside the course)
I have a product-based business, is this for me?

If your product is a digital product, yes this is for you. However if it is a physical product, then no this isn’t for you.

Do I need to start and finish the course within a certain time?

This is a self paced course! I know that some people love to dive all in and hit the ground running so you’ll have instant access to 3 out of the 6 modules. 2 weeks later, the next module will become available and then 2 weeks after that, the final modules will come. However, I know some people are busy so you’ll get lifetime access and slowly work through the modules and action steps over 3 or 6 months (or more if you need!)

Sales calls aren’t part of my process. Is this for me?
That’s ok! Although I do cover sales calls in this course, it’s not centred around that and will still be perfect for you.
Is this going to be like what I’ve already tried?
My students say time and time again “this is like nothing I’ve ever seen before!” So it’s safe to say, no – you wouldn’t have tried this approach. But if you’re still not getting as much value as you anticipated, redeem your happiness guarantee. If you don’t love Sales Unleashed after 2 weeks, receive a full refund.
I have another question..

It’s time. You know it is too.

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