An audio training explaining why people buy and how you can speak directly to your ideal clients psychology to get more clients and make more money.

It’s where sales meets psychology.

Think about it: we all make decisions in our brains.
So it makes sense that knowing what makes your perfect clients buy, right?

In this audio training, you will:


Identify which type of buyer your ideal client is


Understand the pyscology of each buyer type


Know exactly what you need to say and do to engage, communicate and sell to your ideal clients in a way that connects with them

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It’s honest. It’s psychology-backed. It’s designed for results (without feeling pushy, shady or even salesy).

Hi, I’m Bay!
A modern sales specialist, coach and trainer.
I’ve helped thousands of business owners make more money, have more choice and experience more freedom. All with the exact, permission-based sales process made available to you today.
Because I don’t want you to go any longer without sales skills. Because there’s money on the table that should be yours. And because you deserve to know how to secure more of it.

It’s my mission to educate you, so you know *why* your current approach doesn’t work. And *how* to make sales work for you so you can achieve what you previously believed wasn’t possible, and live life on your terms.

Here’s the knowledge (and steps to financial success) you need to stop dreaded sales self-doubt. I promise, the reason you’re not making sales now has nothing to do with you – and everything to do with your strategy.

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