Welcome to the new, modern & proven way to sell

It’s honest. It’s psychology-backed. It’s designed for results (without feeling pushy, shady or even salesy).



The step-by-step sales framework to accelerate your sales, convert perfect high paying clients and make more money without sounding pushy, shady or even salesy

Until now, this exact strategic sales process has exclusively been shared with my 1:1 clients. Now it can be yours.

Sales Unleashed is unique because it uses consumer psychology and modern sales techniques to combine:


(what to do)


(what to say)


Clear steps to action, no matter your potential client’s response (and even if they ghost you)

To give you an idea of what’s possible, my beta Sales Unleashed students have:

Achieved 8 x their revenue just 4 months after the course

Hit (and exceeded) $10K+ revenue goals

Let go of old clients who didn’t align with them or light them up to book dream clients in their place

Raised prices by 300%

Experienced enough growth in revenue to hire their first VA (and other contracting team members)

Now it’s your turn.

Hi, I’m Bay!
A modern sales specialist, coach and trainer.
I’ve helped thousands of business owners make more money, have more choice and experience more freedom. All with the exact, permission-based sales process made available to you today.
Because I don’t want you to go any longer without sales skills. Because there’s money on the table that should be yours. And because you deserve to know how to secure more of it.

It’s my mission to educate you, so you know *why* your current approach doesn’t work. And *how* to make sales work for you so you can achieve what you previously believed wasn’t possible, and live life on your terms.

Here’s the knowledge (and steps to financial success) you need to stop dreaded sales self-doubt. I promise, the reason you’re not making sales now has nothing to do with you – and everything to do with your strategy.

Named a Top 10 Sales Coach by  

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